Exceeding expectations

Doing a job right should be the standard. It’s when places exceed my expectations that I’m loyal for life. I’m a customer service snob.

I currently lack a hair salon because I just haven’t found the place that is the right balance between good and affordable. And nowhere has made me feel super compelled to return. Any suggestions, Boston friends?

Nails on the other hand? For a while after moving back to Boston, I was a salon tramp. I tried all the different ones in my neighborhood and while I found one that was decent, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon a spot near my office that I became loyal. The owner knows me by name. The techs recognize me at least by face and while it’s not the most glamorous spot in Boston, I would now feel guilty going anywhere else. If you’re in the Financial District, try Bromfield Nails.

Now I’m trying to think of other services that have inspired my loyalty. My wheels turning in my head are pretty tacent though.

Are you a loyal customer or do you like to try new spots out?


Today was the twentieth day of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. My word of the day was tacent, silent.

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Back in my day

Back in my day, the neighborhood seemed to center around a big electrical box. We called it the “Green Box” and it was not only where we caught the bus to elementary school but also where we met once we’d dumped our backpacks at home. Sometimes I’d just sit there reading my Babysitter’s Club books while other kids played tag. Other times we’d all gather there before running into the power line fields behind our neighborhood. We played POGs on top of the box and used it as home base for hide and seek. The neighborhood was one where the parents could gather at one house while we all watched movies or played Duck Hunt on the Nintendo at another- blowing into the game when it didn’t work. It was also understood that once one kid got chicken pox our parents got us to play together so we all got it over with at once. We played after night fell and our moms yelled from doorways to come inside- scotophobia was not an issue.
We moved from that neighborhood into another in town right before I started high school. It was good timing because by this point I was rushing home to turn on the TV and catch the end of Total Request Live. I always wanted to catch the first showing of TRL after which I could spend the next hour(s) talking on the phone, laying on the floor in front of the TV because the cord only stretched so far and my parents got annoyed when I forgot to put the cordless phone back in the charger. I’d make mix tapes based on songs from the show, waiting for them to come on the radio then quickly hitting play and record as soon as I heard the first beats.


Friday nights meant pizza and TGIF. Sunday nights meant watching Life Goes On with the family in our living room where our one computer was located. It was always a fight over who got to use it. And then a huge annoyance whenever someone picked up the phone breaking the dial up connection so AOL had to be started over again. My friends and I would gather around the desk while one typed a/s/l in a chat room. 13/f/Massachusetts?


When I left for college there was no Facebook or even MySpace and E-mail was a pain in the butt. My mom sent actual letters and my dad would leave messages on the answering machine which my roommate and I changed the message on at least once a week. If I went out, I would leave an away message on my instant messenger and then if I didn’t want people to know I was home, I would try not to move the mouse to show I was active again.


Now kids have to deal with online bullying. Instead of notes that can be torn up, they have E-mails which stick around forever. Bad hair days and the early days of acne are captured immediately and instead of worrying if the photo has a printed double, you have to worry if its being uploaded. Facebook, Snapchat, texting…

I don’t envy kids now one bit.

What were things like back in your day?
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Today was the nineteenth day of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. My word of the day was scotophobia, fear of the dark. 

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Stream of thoughts

Spring has finally arrived in Boston. Hometown pride is in the air as the Boston Marathon takes place. And I got a long weekend thanks to Patriot’s Day.

It’s back to work tomorrow but until then I’m going to continue alternating between enjoying the sunshine and being recumbent on my couch watching The Americans, the latest show I’m hooked on. Have you seen that Netflix commercial with the girl who can’t stop watching a series?

That’s totally me.

Have you watched The Americans? It’s about two members of the Soviet KGB in the 1980s posing as husband and wife. From the outside they look like any other typical American family complete with two children. It made me think. Are any of my neighbors secretly spies? Not likely. Could I be a spy? Definitely not. I can’t lie without my face turning bright red or smirking.

It’s hard to believe it is based on events that actually happened while I’ve been alive. Sometimes it is truly shocking what has happened in my lifetime, even what happened a year ago at the Boston Marathon. Then I think about what has happened in my parent’s lives and my grandparent’s and well, its hard to believe not only all the advances that have taken place but also all the suffering caused by people.

We once visited one of my grandmother’s friends, a nun living in a convent who was almost 100 years old. I asked her what invention she most appreciated in her lifetime. Her response? The washing machine. Apparently, it was a huge pain in the butt to wash clothes back in the day. I certainly get annoyed enough just collecting quarters to do my laundry now. I can’t imagine having to use my own power to turn a crank.

Are you linking up for Back in the Day with Life According to Steph tomorrow? The washing machine may not have been invented in my day but there are definitely some things I already take for granted that weren’t around when I was born- this computer for instance.

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Hope you all had a good Easter, that all the runners beat their personal bests, my dad stays safe as one of the police officers working the marathon and this day doesn’t fly by too quickly. I’m off to soak up some more sunshine.

What’s on your mind?




Today was the eighteenth day of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. My word of the day was recumbent, reclining or lying comfortably.

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