PSA on Flower Deliveries


A couple of years ago, I had plans to go to my friend’s apartment in NYC for a holiday party. I was traveling on the bus and didn’t want to have to lug anything with me so decided to send a centerpiece for their table beforehand. I found a florist in the neighborhood, picked out a fairly pricey arrangement and sent it on its way.

I arrived to their place the following day and noticed the arrangement wasn’t on the table but since it was laden with candles and food, I didn’t really think twice about it.

Later, sitting on the couch, I went to put my glass on the side table and noticed that the small vase of flowers there had a card stuck in from the same florist I used. I curiously checked it out to discover that the pathetic bunch of carnations was from me. Embarrassed, I whipped out the card and hoped not too many other people had paid attention.

Of course, when I gave my friend my disclaimer that those were not the flowers I picked out and were in fact a far cry from the evergreen and poinsettia display I’d chosen, she told me they were fine and not to worry about it. But I couldn’t get over the fact that had I not been there for the party and only sent flowers in my place, Tribeca Florist would have gotten away with delivering a significantly lower quality than what I paid for online.

I was reminded of this story the other day.

I got home from work to a surprise delivery at my door. My mom had sent flowers to my apartment as a congratulations for a work accomplishment. I called and thanked her and then (obviously) uploaded them to Instagram. A little while later, she called me embarrassed. These were not the flowers she ordered. I had been a little surprised by the quality as they were more grocery store refrigerator case than florist but fresh flowers are fresh flowers and I was happy for the thought.

But, once again, the florist had pulled one over on the customer and sent far lower quality than what was touted online. And my mom’s thought had been more generous than the outcome.

She called 1-800-Flowers and got a full refund on her order but not everyone has a daughter who shamelessly uploads photos to the ‘gram and so not everyone can ensure their recipient gets what was ordered.

My moral of the story is to make sure that whenever you send flowers to someone, you get proof that they got what you ordered. But it could also be a case for the benefits of social media.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

Laziness, lobsters, lounging

This last weekend was just what the doctor ordered… or would have ordered had I gotten around to making an appointment.

You might remember that the weekend before last I spent surrounded by amazing people in the MS community… nearly rupturing my tendons. Then I had to come back to work and hobble around the office.

And I definitely did not “take it easy” that week as the medic at the challenge walk suggested.

I went to dinner with a couple of friends at Blue Dragon, a personal favorite. I had a going away party for a coworker moving to Dublin. And my mom and I went to see Shear Madness, Boston’s longest running show which I’ve been wanting to see for ages and would definitely recommend for a laugh.

SO, taking it easy was not exactly an option.

Luckily, the weekend was wide open for doing exactly that. We went down to my mom’s for a lobster lunch on her deck, probably the last of summer. Other than that, I stayed lounging with my feet up (although I did a bit of work, finally unpacked my bags from the walk and did a couple of loads of laundry- I’m not THAT lazy). I got totally into the Witches of East End which I watched nonstop… except for when I was watching Florida beat Kentucky.

How was your weekend?

PS- This was my first time linking up for Weekending with B Loved Boston!


Around Town: Giveaway! East Somerville Foodie Crawl


I’m getting hungry just typing out this post.

East Somerville is having a neighborhood walking tour highlighting all the flavors of a dozen different restaurants representing 5 continents. From family-run spots to new eateries and from Ethiopia to Haiti, there won’t be a lack of hidden gems to discover.

Plus, the streets will be filled with live music as participants move from one spot to the next.

The East Somerville Foodie Crawl is next Tuesday, September 16 and only $20 ahead of time ($25 at the door).

All proceeds benefit East Somerville Main Streets, which is committed to building a safe, sustainable and prosperous multicultural community by developing a vibrant businesses district at the neighborhood’s heart.

Lucky for you, they are also giving away two tickets to one of my readers.

Comment below by 5pm Friday with your favorite kind of food for a chance to win!