As the ship turned…

Well, I’d like to say I’ve been cruising since I last posted, but that just isn’t the case- except in my dreams. If you’ve turned on the news lately, then you know Boston is currently buried in a mountain of snow. South Boston is especially a disaster. My commute is now an absurdly expensive Uber ride or a public transportation nightmare. Either way, I have to leave my house over an hour before I need to be at work just to ensure the two-mile adventure doesn’t cause me to be late. The bright side to now being single again is that when I finally make my way home some nights almost two hours after leaving the office, it is perfectly respectable to have chips and salsa or cheese and crackers for dinner.

I could go on and on about the ridiculousness that is winter right now (and maybe I will at some point) but for now I’ll leave you with some pictures from my sunshine-filled week earlier this month.

We spent our days swimming with dolphins in Cozumel, snorkeling off a catamaran in Roatan, hanging out with stingrays and turtles in Grand Cayman and cave tubing in Belize. We spent our nights in the casino bar where our friend who worked on the ship was performing nightly with her band (80s night was my favorite) and our late nights in the crew bar having $1 beers. Trust me, I was tempted to hide once we got to port in Miami so I wouldn’t have to go home.


And yes, I did catch the Patriots Superbowl win in the middle of the ocean on a giant screen above the pool deck.

Can I go back, please?

Surviving the winter blahs

Displaying winter-blahs.png

Hi this is Karen, I blog over at Book Delight and I’m so happy to be here guest posting for Kate today. I’m sure you can pretty much guess what I write about over on my site just by it’s title. Instead of blabbing about another book I read I thought I would take this chance to write about something else, surviving the winter blahs.

I live in the Northeast where winter can be a total pain by mid-January. Sure that first snowfall is pretty but after days of frigid, blustery weather I start to feel the blahs coming on. It’s dark so early, being outside for more than ten minutes feels like a chore and feeling “cozy” inside gets old no matter how many marshmallows I pile into my hot chocolate. This winter I’m doing something that I never do; I’m being proactive and putting together an anti-blah plan for myself.

1. Participate in a reading challenge-I read so much but I don’t think I’ve ever kept up with a challenge. I usually forget about updating my “finished” list but this time I’m keeping track on Goodreads. My goal is 75 books! Why 75? I have no idea. At first I had this insane idea of doing 215 books in 2015. Yea, that was pretty stupid.

2. Makeover a space in my home- This isn’t going to be any sort of gut renovation, I just want to pick a space and give it a little face lift. I already worked on my closet (I turned part of it into my home office) and now I ‘d like to spruce up my living room. Maybe some new pillows, possible paint change, and whatever accessories strike my fancy at Target or HomeGoods.

3. Try a new exercise routine- Okay so I don’t really have the strictest exercise regimen now, however, I want to switch things up. Pure Barre is all the rage where I live but I really think I would look ridiculous trying it out. I’m thinking more along the lines of a yoga class, which I haven’t done in years.

4. Start planning a vacation- I so wish we could travel during these cold months but my husband’s work schedule is crazy. Aside from our usual July trip to Cape Cod, I’m looking into some other vacation ideas. It’s actually pretty fun clicking over to Trip Adviser and other sites to do some hotel research. We may even decide on a cruise. All I know, whatever we finally plan, it will give me something to look forward to (and shop for).

These are just a few things I came up with to get over my usual winter blahs. If all else fails, I’m doubling up on my vitamin D everyday!

How do you beat the winter blahs?


Bon voyage!

Next time you hear from me, I’ll hopefully be relaxed, tan and have shaken off the winter blahs.

I’m off to Miami in the morning to catch my ride for the week. I’ll be cruising to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Honduras and Belize. My best friend’s college friend is a performer on the ship which is why we are going. Although with more snow on its way to Boston, I’d have taken any excuse for some sunshine.

Oh wait, I always take any excuse for sunshine.

This isn’t my first adventure at sea, but it has been a while.

The last time I cruised it was to Canada for my Mema’s 80th birthday in 2007. Our whole extended family had a blast on the ship and even managed an impromptu pub crawl in Halifax instead of an official cruise excursion.

IMG_5072 (1)

And the time before that we headed to Bermuda for my grandparent’s anniversary. My Mema is originally from Bermuda so they were surprised with a party in Massachusetts, then the cruise and then a party in Bermuda with all her old friends.

I’m excited to see what this trip will bring. Cave tubing? Swimming with stingrays? All kinds of towels folded like animals?

Here’s hoping I bring the warm weather back with me!