Day trip to Newport

Newport is one of my favorite places to spend a day. Considering how close it is to Boston, I don’t make the two-hour trip nearly often enough. However, this weekend we did head down for the first time since last summer.

The original plan had been to pick up some sandwiches and start the day at Fort Adams, but since I hadn’t bothered to research beforehand, we didn’t know that the Folk Festival had taken over that spot. We kept driving though and found a new favorite in Brenton Point, a park on the cliffs filled with lots of other picnickers, kite flying and plenty of cool breezes allowing one of us to nap.

DSC_0001 DSC_0019

After we packed up our picnic, we made a quick stop at Newport Vineyards before heading to the polo grounds to see Newport play Palm Beach. The match was slightly delayed because the Palm Beach players got stuck in traffic, something I’d never heard of before. But eventually, play began.


DSC_0029  DSC_0045IMG_4197


After the match, we headed back into town for dinner at the White Horse Tavern before making our way home to Boston.

It was another great day in Newport.

Where’s your favorite spot for a day trip?

Confessions of the week

It’s Wednesday and usually I try to think of some kind of theme for my confessions. But my brain doesn’t seem to be working this week month so you’re just going to get a mishmash of thoughts.

I’m not exaggerating about my brain. Just last night, I was scrolling through Facebook and decided to write a status update of my own. I proceeded to do one of those countdowns “Only a little over a week until Chicago and two weeks until Tampa!!” as if people cared. Once I realized what I’d done, I promptly deleted the post. I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t happened before but I’ve tried to keep my Facebook ridiculousness at a minimum. After all, I have this blog to share a bunch of things people don’t care about.

I also took two of those quizzes. One said I am a 30-year-old male with silky brown hair. The other said I belong in the West.

To be clear, I am a 31-year-old female with sometimes silky blonde hair (if I am using my Redken soft shampoo). I live in the East but belong on an island where winters don’t exist.

Next thing you know I’ll be posting about how upset I am about something I’m not able to talk about. And we all know it’s downhill from there…

The irony of all this is that I had Smartfood last night for dinner before I acted not so smart at all.

And now I am making bad jokes.

But the Smartfood for dinner part is true. While I’ve been trying not to bring junk food into the house, someone else keeps stocking the cabinets and freezer. I do the grocery shopping on Sundays (or Monday nights if I slacked) and my cart stays healthy for the most part. Then throughout the week I find items like Ben and Jerry’s Americano Dream appearing.

By the way, that ice cream is both delicious and incredibly hard to put down. Caramel and chocolate covered waffle cone in vanilla ice cream. You’re welcome.

So, on that note I should probably end this before I start posting pictures really only suitable for Snapchat. But really, are snaps of my doublechin really even necessary at all?

Vodka and Soda

My first Paint Nite experience

I’ve been wanting to go to a Paint Nite session for a while. Boston has a couple of different options and I have bought more than one Groupon. However, while my enthusiasm to attempt to go has been great, my execution has been lacking.

I’ve said I was going to go with people and then plans fell through. I have said I was going to go alone and then things would fall through again. I eventually kind of gave up.

But then, my good friend from back in the day (we’re talking since preschool) took the initiative and picked a date and place.

So, last week I drove down to Plymouth and met her for an evening of wining and painting- minimal wining since I had to drive back to Boston and she had a hungry baby at home.

I admit I was a little a lot intimidated by the blank canvas. But our instructor was great and ensured it was a judgement free zone.

If you haven’t been to one of these classes, it is basically a step by step instruction of how to paint a certain piece of work. Everyone in the class paints the same thing as the instructor walks through the steps. Some people’s paintings come out amazing and some end up like mine. But I didn’t see one ‘artist’ that seemed to be having a bad time.

IMG_4153 IMG_4158 IMG_4161 IMG_4162 IMG_4163

Have you gone to one of these classes? I am tempted to make it a weekly event although that might make my lack of wall space an issue. Just don’t be surprised if I become a habitual painter.